Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Postman & Stone Tree

The postlady has been very busy lately, first she brought me a gorgeous zine from the super talented Luke Waller. I am so envious of his pen mastery and illustration skills, here is a snapshot of my favourite part of the zine which cleverly folded out into a poster (which is now on my studio wall).

The postlady then posted through some lovely cards from Ohh Deer, a collective of wonderfully talented illustrators (including Luke Waller.) They recently launched their new website and you can buy their t-shirts, prints, cards and more, there is something for everyone there. As frontman Jamie Mitchell puts it "we promise to continue finding and producing work that you will love for one reason or another, be it through ungodly cuteness or obscene vulgarity." What more could you want eh?

I also received a package from Awesome Merchandise, pics of those bits you can see in the post below, I will share more on that soon. My last bit of post (well probably not knowing my spending habits) came from Moo, a selection of postcards with my illustrations on and this years Christmas card designs, all on lovely card and gorgeous quality. I'll be selling these bits at the Letchworth Arts Centre Christmas Fair, and at the We Are Bedford Pop Up Emporium, but if you're not local you can get in touch if you'd like some.
To get 10% off your first order with moo, and to earn me some points click here.

Also last week I went to visit the Stone Tree UP ON THE WALL!!! At last the tree is up, and it is very tall! The whole time I was working on it, while it was laid out on the floor I found it difficult to picture vertically. I'm not very spatially aware anyway but when I actually saw it I was amazed at how big it is! I think the people who put it up were surprised too as they had to make the top surface higher to attach it to. (They also made it far too wide so who knows what they were thinking.) It looks life size as you can see from the photos. I was a bit disappointed because the pebble leaves aren't very easy to see but on the plus side it will make it so much harder for people to damage it accidentally and (heaven forbid) on purpose! The gaps where the tree is screwed in have now been covered up thanks to Super-Selina.

You can find the tree in The Wynd in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

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