Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I'm a Fire Eater, Twisted Fire Eater

Working towards our planned exhibition later in the year we (The Circus of Illustration)  set ourselves the challenge of creating a circus inspired illustration each month. Of course you know all about The Circus because you read my previous blog post right? Jolly good. This is my illustration The Fire Eater. My first thought was to draw a pretty vintage girl fire eater but 'NO SCARLETT, challenge yourself!' soon followed that thought. So here is this lovely hairy chap. I didn't challenge myself too much as you can see I only used two colours but I have a good excuse ready for that - I was working with The Circus colour theme. (Good one eh?)
You can see the illustrations by the other members here. Our styles are all so different it's fabulous! Some gorgeous work coming from the group, it's very exciting! While you're at it like The Circus on Facebook too. Hope you like :)

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